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You were expecting a list of reasons such as how cheap products are, how simple the shopping process is etc. No - we are going to concentrate on other answers to the question: Why buy from Amazon? "Shoppers vote with their wallets" is a modern adaptation of an old adage. Companies understand that their continued success largely depends on the extent to which they are in a position to retain the confidence and respect of their customers.

Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect of a business' ethical behavior. Recognizing this, Amazon.com have launched some interesting projects designed to reduce the influence of buying, packaging and transport on the environment and supporting various community organizations.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging: A project which will run over a number of years, recognized as "Aggravation-Free Packaging" is aimed at making it simpler to get your product out of its packaging by encouraging manufacturers to do away with unnecessary, annoying packaging. Another project is aimed at decreasing the bulk of boxes and protective material used in shipping. Sellers use a software plan to select the very best size box. Corrugated containers and other paper packaging supplies are 100% recyclable. Air-pillows used as protection inside boxes can be deflated, take up much less than 1% of their original volume, are totally recyclable and non-toxic. Customers can now upload pictures or problematic packaging with comments - these are used to further improvement.

Eco-Friendly Building Design: Some of the numerous newest projects consist of: The new headquarters in Seattle - a conscious decision was made to build eco-friendly, sustainable buildings. The new corporate office in Munich was constructed with sustainable building materials and interiors conform to highest energy efficiency rules. Recycled supplies had been used in the building of four fulfillment centers built in 2009 and these buildings use natural lighting controls.

Amazon Green:

This initiative encourages purchasers and sellers of eco-friendly products to buy and sell goods such as clothes, toys and home improvement products. This is enhanced by the availability of an "Amazon Green Gift Card" which can be used to purchase eco-friendly products.

Neighborhood support actions:

Amazon Want Lists: non profit organizations are in a position to list their requirements on-line. Customers utilizing the Amazon sites are in a position to donate directly to the different organizations and are assured that they are meeting a specific need and their donations are not becoming used to fund administrative expenses or finding its way into the wrong pockets. An added additional is that clients know that their payments are safe and secure due to patented payment technology.

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