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Pictures are a reminder of the moments that have gone by. If your earliest pictures remind you of the black camera which the family owned in the 80s and 90s, be rest assured that yours was a Kodak family members. Back then, Kodak was synonymous to cameras and even to this day, photos captured with Kodak cameras are special reminders of their unflinching loyalty to the world of photography.

Had it not been for Kodak cameras, the family members album would be tainted with faultless photos clicked by pros where not even a single strand of hair would be out of place. The natural touch to priceless moments would therefore be lost due to an overdose of 'sit straight' and 'smile' commands which certified photographers are nicely versed with.

Since then cameras from Kodak have indeed come a long way. Despite becoming one of the oldest cameras they have produced a niche for themselves in the incessantly changing globe of camera technology. They have a gamut of digital cameras to suit the modern photography enthusiast. Cameras from Kodak are categorized primarily based on their specifications into the V, M, Z and C series. There is a Kodak camera to suit each individual's personal preferences.

For style conscious: A style conscious buyer will look for exquisite design and fashionable interface. The Kodak M-series embellished with exquisite appears and a glossy surface might seem suitable. The ultra slim V series cameras may also entice such purchasers. What`s much more, the face detection technology tends to make it a technically sophisticated camera.

The discerning consumer: Although up-to-the-minute technology is a desirable attribute, intricacy might nullify the impact. Easy, however technically sophisticated cameras are indeed the very best buy. The C-series promises to be easy to deal with, and is embedded with impeccable technology. The advantix feature of Kodak, supplies numerous accessories, thereby enabling superior photography.

Camera for the Tech Savvy: The V & Z series of cameras are perfect for consumers who are on the lookout for high quality photographs. They are equipped with high resolution and advanced zoom attributes respectively. The V series has the VGA video and Kodak colour Science chip, all packed into the slim phone. The Z series with the zoom function is apt for nature photography and other types of still photography.

In addition to an array of timeless digital cameras, various accessories from Kodak are also hugely well-liked. Their lengthy-term presence in the race to be the best proves their dedication towards timely up gradation. Small wonder then, that even to this date, show cases and table tops are festooned with pictures photographed by a Kodak camera.