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Existence here on this 3-dimensional Earth provides us the opportunity to discover all the ins and outs of duality: the great and the bad the correct and the incorrect the light and the dark abundance and poverty. Experiencing these contrasts of duality enables us to see who we truly are and to uncover the typical Supply of all opposites that lies within us.

As we come closer and closer to understanding who we truly are, we find that judgment (seeing one factor or person as better than another) actually prevents us from discovering and realizing our accurate essence. By identifying ourselves with the Supply of duality, rather than with its expression, we actively start to create a new world, one primarily based on being Love, not just on feeling it. At last, we are discovering our way Home.

Before you can move into your new home you must totally free your self from each limitation that you have imposed upon yourself during duality living. You turn out to be totally free by accepting who you are. This is what is known as Awakening. The awakening procedure enables you to start seeing yourself and every aspect of life in the world through a new lens - the lens of clarity, discernment and non-judgment. In order to fulfill your objective on Earth, you require only switch to another channel of perception, one we all are equipped with, but have been afraid to use.

We are all on the same journey of discovery, looking for that unique place, the Divine Moment (known as the 'state of grace') where judgment has no value or meaning, exactly where we are free of worry and resistance, beyond want and its fulfillment. It is a quiet location: a unified state of silence exactly where opposites meet and merge their differences. Untouched by the turbulence of thoughts and activity, it is here that you can really be who you are, and be Love.

The Divine Moment, which is a field of all possibilities, is not held back by the past and is not plotted into the future. It is totally free and ever-present, at each and each segment and fragment of time. In this sacred location, you are at peace with your self and at peace with your world. The extremely moment you enter the state of grace (a state of non-separation), you are complete. Knowing your completeness, you really feel fulfilled.

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