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Things turned about fast as soon as Valerie began providing her dog Chuck this hemp-based CBD treat from Treatibles.

As Chuck aged she had created osteoarthritis in her back and the once energetic dog could only handle one or two long walks a week.

“Before CBD, Chuck limped and couldn’t enjoy longer walks even though she clearly had the desire for them,” Valerie says.

“Once she began taking [Treatibles], she could leap about again! She started performing her play bows once more, and wanting to play! She chased squirrels and pranced about the park! THIS was the new dog I’d been told I’d see!”

All from a hemp-based doggie treat?

Yes, and Valerie isn’t the only pet owner we’re hearing from about the efficacy of this CBD-rich snack.

Benefits of Hemp-Derived CBD for Pets

“The number one reason people are utilizing CBD treats is for separation anxiety. The second purpose is age,” says Treatibles founder Julianna Carella.

“We’ve got a lot of elderly dogs utilizing the product for arthritis, pain, immobility – all things that faze dogs in their later years.”

With Treatibles, Carella has essentially produced a hemp-derived snack that seems to work as an efficient alternative to pharmaceuticals for pets. Other pet owners merely use it as a holistic supplement for preventative care.

“We’re not performing anything other than unlocking this currently potent medicine that grows naturally, it comes from the earth,” Carella says.

CBD Pet Treats