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Most women and men swear by the application of warm oil on their tresses. The common rule of thumb, so to speak, is to inculcate a habit of massaging the scalp at least once a week. The oil is left on the hair for a couple of hours and after a shower, you notice the difference - your hair feels beautiful. Aside from the effect that this all-natural oil brings to the table for your hair, there are plenty of other advantages Let us dwell on some of the advantages of the oil.


Most individuals do not understand this but coconut oil is quite advantageous while cooking. A reliable brand adds to the flavor. The taste and smell adds texture to an average curry or even chutney. I would suggest that you buy a small bottle or packet. Coconut oil left for a long time tends to get rancid and you do not want to use this at all either on your tresses or in your cooking. If you end up forgetting about the oil in your larder, it will invariably have a foul smell, which means that this requirements to be chucked out.

Skin Problems

The common thought procedure of refraining from applying oil on acne prone skin or oily skin remains on point. If you are not troubled with these issues, and have normal or dry skin, use coconut oil as a massage it after bath. It functions wonderfully as a moisturizer on your body. The one note to follow is to make sure that you do not use copious quantities simply because this is not cream it is oil! Alternatively, you can also massage your body with the oil prior to a nice warm shower and your skin will reap the rewards.

Anti Ageing Benefits

Many ladies who have been utilizing coconut oil on their bodies swear at the reality that this oil helps cut back the years with out having to go under the knife. Given the fact that a great brand is a answer that does not eat away the hard-earned notes, it is worth considering. Of course, as said earlier, if you are riddled with acne or have oily skin, do not use the oil. Check with the physician and only if you get the green light, go for it.

Cools the Tempers

People who have their scalps massaged with coconut oil regularly do not get into grouchy moods, or so I have heard. Having attempted this out myself, I noticed that the scalp massage and a massage on the forehead cools me down when I am grumpy! As talked about before, if you want something to assist you that does not consume up your savings, coconut oil from a reliable brand is the answer. Once more, if you have a pimpled scalp or forehead, get professional help from the physician before venturing here.

A number of individuals are switching over to coconut oil. There have been claims that the oil aids in weight loss, decreasing cholesterol and many other long-term illnesses. I cannot state that this has worked for me, given the fact that I am a hardened foodie. Getting stated that, there is proof that coconut oil functions wonderfully on the skin, hair and aids in cooking.


When there is something new on provide, it can take a while to switch over. The southern part of is home to many coconut plantations. Most South Indians use coconut in curries, side dishes, drinks, desserts, cakes and many more. Coconut milk adds flavor to a easy dish. The milk boiled for a couple of hours provides you homemade coconut oil. Throw away the charred mass and maintain the organic oil in a sterilized bottle to use as often as you can. In a nutshell (pun intended), the coconut is a versatile nut that has a number of utilizes and the oil is amazing.

oleo de coco na pele