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It's all too easy to be place off by the early stages of setting yourself up on your new pc, and to deal with the intricacies of the internet but the benefits, as soon as you've carried out so, so outweigh the effort involved in obtaining established that you'll wonder why you waited so long to get surfing.

Emailing is one of the fundamentals and it's easy and totally free to set up an e-mail Account

There are dozens of trustworthy suppliers ready and eager to hold your account, they will charge you absolutely nothing although you might be subjected to some gentle advertising on your way into and out of your post box.

You have Absolutely nothing to fear!

And whilst you're at it you might believe of getting various addresses for different purposes one for family, 1 for friends, 1 for on-line shopping.

There are 5 easy steps to a new e-mail account

Step 1: -Choose an Internet Provider

There are a lot around. You may look at

Step 2 Find the Provider's Site

Open your Web Browser - most likely Internet Explorer at this stage - and to find the provider's home page just run and intent search on 1 of the typical search engines - "Google" is as good as any for the job.

Step 3: - Choose a User Name and password

When selecting an account name, do not choose names which may be offensive, misleading, disruptive, or promotional.

Keep in mind it will be on public view, and also that your personal name is most likely currently taken up.

Believe of all the options -

- MaryWebb, - MaryAnnWebb, - MaryAWebb, - MaryWebbinLondon etc

Your provider will tell you whether or not your option of names is accessible or not. and if your option of names is not available try one of the other providers to see if it is accessible there.

Step 4: - Set up your Safety

This will normally involve setting up your password which has to be some thing you can keep in mind but some thing not as well apparent - some sites require it to be a combination of letters and numbers.

You will most likely be asked a security query like 'What was your mother's maiden name' and be asked to read and kind in a safety code displayed in strange and confusing scripts

This last prevents accounts becoming set up by scammer's programmes

Step 5: - and finally Set up your Profile

Your profile may be visible to anybody sending you, or to whom you send an email. so don't place personal particulars on there unless you want the world to know!

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